Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Brother

Okay, really, I could not be more hooked on this show. And unlike the entire house, and most of America, I actually liked Rachel. I know, I know…but seriously, a strong chick that has a brain and wins competitions? I dig that. But now that she’s gone I’m torn. Kind of pulling for Brendan, but at the same time think he might be a bit psycho. I’m glad he won HOH, though, so he at least has another week cause I know Rachel will be happy to see someone other than him come through the door at the Jury house.

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  1. thanks for following! ff you back =)

    we also have Big Brother here in the Philippines...but i'm not able to follow it as you do yours. they sound cool.

    see you again...and in my other blogs too?
    life round meNyou