Meet Beth

Long long ago, before I became a mom, my career outside the house was very important to me. The success I experienced, the euphoria of having others come to me for answers...all of it was addicting. And then I had kids. Wow, the first several years after my first was born, and my second followed 18 months later...well, those were hard times. It was a whole new world for me, and we'd just moved to a new state, as well, so all of my old support systems were no longer in place. I had to reinvent myself a couple times. Patience was tested, egos got bruised, but luckily we all came through without any long term damage.I did go back to work full time for quite a few years, when my oldest hit age 3. Again, I enjoyed it, but life was crazy and busy and I was continually running from place to place. Nevertheless, I was making good money and probably would still be there now if a layoff due to the economy hadn't derailed me. As tough as that was to swallow, it really opened my eyes and allowed me to refocus myself on my Thirty-One business and the goals that I have with that. For now my business is growing steadily and I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds.As for life, I have two very active kids, a dog, three cats, and four turtles. I love animals, obviously. I have been a consultant with Thirty-One  for 9 years now and I love everything they offer. I am so excited to be able to help other women achieve their goals.