Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Consultant Happy Mail

Make your new direct sales consultants feel welcomed on your team using happy mail - the plan I use for my Thirty-One team.
I know I talk a lot about happy mail - that's because I LOVE it. I believe that most people get nothing more exciting in the mail than the water bill most days, so I want my customers, hostesses and consultants to be excited to open their mail and see one of my pink envelopes!

This video is about my super easy new consultant happy mail system. It's super easy to implement, and really you could use ANYTHING, as long as you're giving it meaning and it is something that makes sense from a business standpoint. I try to make my consultant happy mail something fun but also something they can actually use to better their business. Take a look:

As always, leave me any questions in the comments.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Team Recognition Plan - 2017

For the last several years I have been recognizing my team through a monthly incentive program, where they can earn different buttons or pins for different accomplishments each month. Then, whenever they are ready to redeem, every pin they've collected is worth $5 in product credit that they can redeem through me. My girls have loved it, and it's been a great way for them to get additional product in hand when the catalog changes over and new items come out. Today I made a quick video to explain the system:

Have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Recruiting Packets - Fun & Functional

When someone is interested in joining your direct sales business, you want to be sure you're giving them all the information they need, without overwhelming them with too many statistics, figures, facts, etc. There's a fine line between giving them the basics to get them excited, and giving them everything you've personally learned over all your years in business. Too much is just too much. In this quick video, I'm sharing my recruiting packet for's a mix of basic information and some feel good stuff that I want people to know about myself and the company.

As always, I'd love your comments, feel free to leave them below.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hostess Happy Mail = GAME CHANGER

One of my systems I get the most questions on is my Hostess Happy Mail system. I have been doing this one for a few years now and my hostesses LOVE it, and it truly has been a game changer for me. Watch this quick video to hear why, and hear step-by-step how it's implemented.

Leave any questions in the comments...and be sure that if you decide to do this yourselves, you're making it your own. Relate it to your products, come up with some fun wording, and see how much your hostesses love you for it!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Simple Direct Sales Customer Follow-Up System

You may have heard the saying that if you're not following up with your customers, you're leaving money on the table. But yet that's one of the biggest struggles that direct sellers have - how to follow up, when to follow up...and as a result many do nothing. I admit that I was fairly guilty of that for a long time. The system that I ended up developing about a year and a half ago was a game changer - now my follow up is done practically automatically, and I don't even really have to think about it. Watch this short video to hear more about my system.

What do you think? EASY, right? I challenge you to develop your own system for following up - and then vow to do it every single week!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hostess Packet Walk Thru

I get a ton of questions about what I personally do for my business, so I'm going to be addressing many of these questions through quick videos over the coming weeks. Today, I did a short video on what exactly I put in my Thirty-One hostess packets. EVERYONE needs a hostess packet, why not make them cute?!

If you have questions, comment below. Have fun putting together your new cute packets!