Monday, August 23, 2010

How I spent my day

We’ve decided to repaint the kid’s rooms. In order to do this, we really had to clean out a BUNCH of stuff from both rooms. Being as I actually wanted this to happen today, I decided I HAD to help them. This was literally all day long. I lost count of how many trash bags we filled, but at the moment they are all still piled up in the loft in front of the pool table.

The accumulated clutter that used to be in the kid’s rooms. Honestly it’s hard to believe this all fit in their rooms before, because quite frankly it sure doesn’t seem like their rooms are lacking for stuff without all this in there.

Painting begins tomorrow. Woohoo!


  1. that's the thing about painting .. all the crap comes out!! You will feel so good when it's done though!

  2. Oh, I know. The process is exhausting but SO worth it! :)

  3. I know how you feel! Except we've slowly been renovating our whole house (we bought it last year) and it always seems like I'm just moving one pile of stuff to another place--I finally decided it was time to go through EVERYTHING!
    Let's just say that Goodwill has A LOT of new "old" stuff in their store now! Good luck!!


  4. There is some Flylady saying about that...let Goodwill be your storage unit or something. lol. Good luck in the remodel!