Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Time Management Quick Tip

One of my favorite ways to knock a lot off my to-do list in just one day is to use a method I call the 30 minute day. Watch this quick video for more info.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Why I'm Pampering Myself Like Crazy This Year

I have a confession...I'm a direct sales shopping junkie. There are just too many companies out there with products I adore. So I buy. A lot. And until recently I was a total hoarder of all things skin/beauty/pampering. Like truly, the amount of scrubs alone I have is ridiculous. And what's even more ridiculous is that I was not using them frequently because I didn't want to run out. Ahhh! Silly girl, I think I'm good, right?

And that is just a few of them...BUT, I have seen the error in my ways! I vow that this year I will (try) to stop hoarding and will actually use and love all these products that I just had to have!

Including more bath bars and body bars than any one person needs in a lifetime.

And okay, those that know me, know that in general I'm crazy organized...and I tried, really I did, with all the cute Zipper Pouches from Thirty-One, but this is officially out of control under my sink. So I vow that not only will I be using up these amazing products from Posh, Jordan Essentials, Acti Labs, Lemongrass Spa, etc. but that I will get a handle on this whole under the sink thing, and get rid of those products that I have know, the ones that have dried up, expired, etc. That WILL happen, and I'll take pics when it does. Cause no self-respecting Thirty-One chick should have a bathroom cabinet that looks like this.
Hold me accountable blog-land, I'm on it!