Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am a little more than halfway, I would guess, in painting my daughter’s room. I would have to say my lack of attention to detail is pretty staggering, particularly around the ceiling edge, but oh well. That’s been the case in every room I’ve painted here, and we’ve all survived. I’m really hoping to wrap it up tomorrow so I can put her room back together on Friday and start on my son’s room. Mommy fun never ends! Pictures when I’m done.


  1. I sent you an email with a link to a trimming pad that has made it so easy for us to make it look good around the ceiling edge and it's cheap too. This shows Ace hardware, but I just buy mine at Wal-Mart. Hope it helps!
    Becky Jane

  2. Thanks! I'm such a dork - I can't believe I forgot I own that. Still gotta go look for it so I can use it tomorrow.