Friday, May 27, 2016

June 2016 Customer Special(s)

June (Wasn't it just Halloween?) is just around the corner and we have the most exciting customer special I can't wait to show you!!! This one is a favorite everytime they offer it... the MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE and AN INSERT! If your not familiar with the inserts they have never made one for the medium and now it can be yours for just $12 with your purchase of $35!

Income Producing Activities for your Thirty-One Business

How are you using your time? Are you browsing Facebook getting lost in random posts? Are you sitting there at your desk being "busy" but hours go by and you aren't exactly PRODUCTIVE?

In direct sales and any other entrepreneurial endeavor it is important to know if your activities are actually "INCOME PRODUCING"
These activities can be things you are already doing but are you doing them with intention and are you really present and have a method to what you are doing to be the most effective?

Ask yourself "What do I need to create today?" Do you need more Facebook posts, do you need new blog posts, do you need some videos, do you need to follow up with past customers?  The best way to create this content is to sit down and do these things in batches.  If you are in the mood to write posts why not sit down and hammer out the next week or even months worth of content, if you need to follow up, sit down with the phone and start dialing, one by one and don't get up until you have all the calls complete.

Social Media Content Creation is a HUGE income producing activity but are you just sharing random things and not landing sales, hostess's or recruits? Some things you can do that are "income producing activities" would include, writing tweets, creating content, pinning from your online site, writing Facebook posts with a purpose.  Your posts need to be value packed!! How about video? I know it seems scary but your people LOVE VIDEO! Setup your camera and start rolling.

As important as content is it is equally important to MARKET IT! You can't just post it out there and not promote it.  If you write a blog post about the latest new customer special and why you love it an how they can get it FREE.  Now take that post and create tweets and posts for other platforms linking to that post.  Just as I am going to do with this one.  Create images that also link to the post to get all of your followers driving back to your post.

The next very important step is to ENGAGE!! When a customer comments on a post, asks a question, posts to you it is important to engage with them.  Email them back, reply to their tweet, reply to their comment.

People will sign up with you, order from you and refer to you if they know you, like you and trust you.

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Happy Mail Organizer

If you know me you know I LOVE HAPPY MAIL!!! People often ask me how I keep up with it all. Let me introduce to you my "Happy Mail Sorter" using our amazingly versatile Oh Snap Pockets

I use 5 pockets in my sorter and I label them by week.  In each pocket I have all the happy mail that needs to go out for the week and on Monday I take it all to the post office.  Do you love to get happy mail but often get stumped on what to send to your team, hostesses or VIP's? Check out my Pinterest board here dedicated to Happy Mail to get a few ideas.