Friday, August 6, 2010

Any Day Now…

Any day now I will pull the weeds that have sprouted up around the pool.
Any day now I will clean out the kitchen cabinets and get rid of the 6.2 billion cups, glasses, mugs and containers that we haven’t used since we moved in 9 years ago.
Any day now I will go through the papers in my “to do” pile.
Any day now I will update the kid’s birthday books with the last two years of birthday pictures.
Any day now I will follow through on my threat to take away half my daughter’s toys if she doesn’t clean her room (gee, wonder where she gets that).
Any day now I will actually organize the pantry so we can perhaps actually eat some of this insane volume of food we have.

What’s on your Any Day Now list?


  1. I Love your list, it is mine also. Glad you found me!

  2. any day now i will send in my student loan application .. lol