Friday, August 20, 2010


That’s pretty much the word of the day here today. I decided to tackle the silverware drawer. Well, we actually kind of have two. One silverware and accessories, and one for rarely used accessories. Luckily I was able to throw out a LOT of stuff. Amazing how many duplicate items we had. And duplicate of stuff that we hardly ever use anyway. For example, the following duplicate items were tossed:

  • 2 egg white separators
  • an apple corer (why would I need more than one of these??)
  • about 10 knives from a mediocre knife set we had like 10 years ago
  • 4 beer bottle openers
  • 3 grapefruit peelers
  • 3 spatulas (and I still kept 3 more!)
  • 4 ladles (and again, still no shortage on those I kept)

Now I’m off to clean the bathrooms, a chore that I never enjoy. How old do my kids have to be before I implement a slave labor program with them??


  1. I've been trying to get my kids to clean their bathrooms for 10,000 years at least! They still don't understand how disgusting those little pee germs are lurking on the floor around the toilet...I did find the Clorox wipes were helpful to a certain extent...but, I'm afraid no one cares to clean a bathroom as good as MOM! :o(

  2. Oh, wow, toilets? I would settle for them wiping the toothpaste globs out of the sinks every so often or picking their clothes up off the floor. I apparently live with slobs.

  3. I've started early. As soon as Little Lewie learned how to walk, I've been getting him interested in helping me do chores around the house (by pretending that they're fun). So far it's working like a charm.

    P.S. I'm finally bestowing the Foxy Mama Award on some of my peeps. Thank you so much again!

  4. I bribed my 11 year old with a Moxie Teen doll to get her to clean our bathrooms. It worked. :)

  5. well, I'm not above bribery or lying in regards to getting my house cleaned, so perhaps I will try these methods.

  6. I just did this and was amazed as well at what we've accumulated over the years. You should have seen how many of those small restaurant-style wine bottle openers we had and we aren't even big wine drinkers! I think they multiplied in the drawer when I wasn't looking!

  7. It's funny how you get rid of more or less depending on your mood. Some days I'm completely brutal and get rid of practically everything, and other days I can think of a million reasons why I can't possibly part with anything. I just need to learn to clean more on the "brutal" days.

  8. isn't it nice to get rid of stuff. We just moved and before we did we got rid of all kinds of stuff, but then when I was unpacking I thought why did we move this? So I already have four more boxes of stuff to get rid of!

  9. Meagan, what fun! Honestly there is something very empowering about throwing things out! Enjoy!!