Wednesday, January 7, 2009

project 365 - day eleven

Tonight I did something that I've not done before - went to Dinner Done to create meals! For those not familiar with these types of services, it's basically a giant kitchen, where you choose entrees to create from a list of about 20 choices, and they have everything you need to make the meal at little workstations that you rotate around to for each of your meals. All the boring prep work is done for you, such as onions chopped, meat seperated into portions, etc. and you just follow along on the posted ingredients and directions list to assemble a meal, that you then take home and freeze for whenever. They provide you with throw away aluminum pans to freeze it in, and thawing/cooking instructions on a label that you throw on there after you've assembled the meal. Could NOT be more easy, and fun! I am super excited to try out the meals I created (twelve different entrees). We've been in a huge dinner rut, and more often than not have ended up eating out instead of cooking, which is pricey when you do it practically every night. So I am hoping this will end up saving us some money. =) The photo is a shot of the meals in the cooler that I packed them in to bring them home.

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  1. Several of us, including my daughter and I did the Dinner Done stuff for a while. The food is really good ... I just got tired of it taking an hour in the oven. Let us know how you like it!