Sunday, January 11, 2009

project 365 - day fifteen

Wow, two weeks down on the Project 365 thing. Woo. Today is the "after" photo of Owen's room. I didn't do a "before" pic for him. I think doing his room was overall maybe a little bit easier than Nicole's. He had less that I had to get rid of, and I didn't have as much furniture moving to do. But I think he has more stuff. Or at least more categories of stuff. It wasn't quite as easy to classify his things into the different bins. And I think in some ways that his room was more frustrating, because I have spent hours in the past, organizing him and giving him a system, and he continually blows it off (well, Nicole does too) and I have to start all over. Maybe this time will stick. I've told them both they have to pick up their rooms nightly and whatever is left out is trash. Not sure if that'll be enough motivation for them to do it or not, as they seem to both think that if something goes away, they can just get it again. If only life were that simple.

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