Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LOST is back...almost

I truly do not watch that much TV anymore. Not really. But LOST is about the one show on TV that I cannot live without. I obsess over it. I read the blogs and message boards about it. I analyze it to death along with hundreds of other people every Thursday after the new episodes. And now it's coming back. Tonight they are re-running the season finale from last season, in preparation for season five premier next Wednesday night. And like they always do when they re-run episodes, they are doing it pop-up video style, where they give you answers about stuff you've been wondering about and analyzing. Too freakin phenomenal for words. Of course I was NOT thinking when I scheduled my January Heart Link Meeting for next Wednesday. OMG, I seriously suck. Thank GOD for TiVo so I can stay up and watch it when my meeting is over!!

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