Thursday, January 8, 2009

project 365 - day twelve - everybody get out

This beautiful place in today's shot is the office building where I work, taken from outside in the parking lot of the next building over where we were evacuated to. For the THIRD day this week. The first couple days it happened was because the fire alarm went off, the fire truck came, went through the building, found nothing, and cleared us to go back in within like 15 minutes. Today, however, the fire alarm didn't go off, but our area of the building upstairs started filling up with a smoky haze, so we got out of there and someone called the fire department. They showed up with three fire trucks, and an ambulance and we waited outside for over two hours before we were let back in the building.

Apparently oil leaked from one of the air compressors onto a pipe and started smoking. So when we were finally let back in we were told that they couldn't turn the air on until they got this fixed. ETA: don't know. Sweet. In the meantime, we've got portable units running that are approximately as loud as a jet engine. Mind you, this building is already ripped up downstairs because the bathrooms broke before the holidays and caused some type of sewage leak, forcing them to replace carpeting, drywall, and God knows what else down there. And the air thing isn't really new, the AC goes out at least once a week. Though when it's working it's anywhere from literally 52 degrees in there to about 68, so maybe we're better off with it busted. Most of us think they should probably just go ahead and condemn the place and be done with it.

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