Saturday, September 6, 2008

What would I do with $300,000.00

Over on another blog that I was reading,, she posed the question "What would you do with $300,000.00". I don't think that's a very hard one for me to answer, actually. We follow the Dave Ramsey plan for finances, so we'd pretty much follow his baby steps with any extra money we got. We are almost out of debt, except for our house, so the first $5000 would be used toward our misc. debt. Then we'd put $50,000 in an emergency fund to save for a rainy day. The next $208,000 would go to paying off our house completely. That would leave me with $37,000. Of that, I'd take $15,000 and do some things around the house (rescreen the lanai, do the upstairs floors) and the remainder I would put in a retirement account and let it grow. =)

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