Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heart Link

I just began planning my first Heart Link Networking event. For those that aren't familiar with The Heart Link Network, it's a national networking organization for women. I am so very excited to be the first Tampa Area Coordinator. I think when women get together they can accomplish anything, and I think this organization is going to serve as fantastic proof of that. Not only will we be networking with one another...caring, sharing and help one another grow our businesses, but we will also be supporting a very worthy cause in the process. Each month I will be featuring a different non-profit group that will be the recipient of the raffles that will take place during the meeting. This month I am thrilled to be featuring Florida Boxer Rescue. Anything that helps doggies is right up my alley. :)


  1. In keeping with networking I just started a new blog and added you to the blog roll there. Talk to you soon!

  2. Great, Melissa. I will check it out. Thanks!