Friday, September 26, 2008

finally friday

Long week. SO glad it's the weekend. I came home from work, worked out, cleaned some, and worked on my Heart Link roster. We're at 19 people attending this month, which is awesome. I'm very pleased and I hope that everyone has a great time and makes some awesome connections. This weekend I need to make up the folders and name tags, and create the flyer for the October event.

Tomorrow is our fifth football game of the season. We're 3-1 right now - the kids are looking great. Tomorrow there will be a professional photographer out there getting action shots of the players. Not sure if he'll be getting the cheerleaders, too, or not. I'm very excited about that, because he got some awesome shots last season. One of these days maybe I'll even get around to scrapbooking them! lol.

The debate is on right now, but I'm not really paying that much attention to it. You know what I find so interesting, it seems like no matter which candidate you're for, you can find some website somewhere that makes them look awesome and makes the other guy look bad. It's very odd, because doesn't that by default have to mean that half of those things are untrue? Why can't we all just be presented with actual facts, and make intelligent decisions that way, based on fact and what is best for our own personal situation?

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