Saturday, August 23, 2008

9 Things You Should Know About Me

  • I’m a huge procrastinator. I make list upon list of things that I should do. Most of it doesn’t get done, but to be fair, most of it probably never warranted making the list to begin with.
  • I love to plan parties. My girlfriend Ravi and I are party planner extraordinaires. Most notably for our annual summer luau and our Christmas parties. All must involve jello shots, color coordinated to our décor, natch.
  • I’m a huge TV junkie. Biggest faves are LOST, Big Brother, Grey’s Anatomy and Deadliest Catch (I heart Captain John!). But those are really just the tip of the iceburg.
  • I’m a list person. I have lists of stuff to do, stuff to clean, stuff to buy, stuff to remember, emails to answer…It’s insane. It doesn’t all get done (see point 1), so I stress over it.
  • I can’t sit still, like EVER. I am incapable of just doing nothing, because I feel like I should be doing something productive. I am a very antsy person like that. DH, not so much. He’s quite content to lay on the couch, until I come bouncing in and entreat him to “entertain me.” He doesn’t often care to do so, btw.
  • I love to shop. I would probably go so far as to say I’m a shopping addict. It just makes me so happy. Ravi challenged me once not long ago to go a week without shopping. I am pretty sure I caved day one. Though I did pretty well at restraining myself to internet purchases, if that counts at all (she said it didn’t.)
  • I’m extremely indecisive. In most cases, I would much rather have someone tell me what to do, than to actually make a decision for myself. I think I always worry that I’ll make the wrong choice (think restaurant choices, plans for the evening, etc.)
  • I’m a huge geek when it comes to numbers. I literally adore running numbers, stats, budgets, future earnings projections, etc. Something about looking at all the what if scenarios really entices me. I’m hooked on YNAB and Dave Ramsey.
  • I chew pen caps, big time. At work, at home, sometimes even in the car. It’s gross and silly, but I love it. Oral fixation issues I guess.

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