Saturday, January 13, 2018

Manga Monday Review - Garlic Parmesan Chicken

So as I posted earlier in the week, this year I am committed to trying some new recipes. And while a Garlic Parmesan Chicken isn't exactly revolutionary, this is what I chose for week one. Original recipe here:

First off, working from home, I adore slow cooker recipes because I can throw them in around lunchtime and not think about them again til dinner. But honestly, for people that work in an office elsewhere, or outside the home, how do you arrange it? I feel like most recipes I see want you to cook for about six hours on low, and for a lot of people that would mean starting it before 8am when they leave the house, and then it's essentially done mid-afternoon. So I'm really curious how that works. But in any case, I am right here at the house most days, so it's working out wonderfully for me.

With this particular recipe, it wanted the chicken to be seared in a pan first, which doesn't seem to be the norm with most slow cooker recipes I've used, but it worked out well, as while that cooked I had time to chop up the potatoes and garlic. Side note - who sells a garlic peeler?? I don't at all mind chopping it, but peeling might be the death of me! Honestly, if you work for a direct sales kitchen related company and have something that peels garlic, or know where I can pick one up, leave me a note in the comments. I feel like this is a must have in my life!

Once the chicken was seared and the rest of the ingredients assembled, I threw it all in the slow cooker on low for six hours (the recipe suggested 4-8 so I split the difference) and pretty much didn't think about it again until dinner. That to me is a huge win because I am easily distracted and sometimes forget about this whole "feed the family" thing.

I did really like that the entire meal was all in one place, and there was no needing to prepare side dishes, etc. a half hour before dinnertime, as is the case with a lot of slow cooker meals I have made in the past.

The end result? Easy and everyone loved it. The chicken didn't at all dry out, the potatoes were particularly delicious and despite the five cloves of garlic, it wasn't overly garlicy in the slightest.

I definitely think this one will make a re-appearance on our dinner table sometime soon.

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