Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You Need THIS in Your Life

Ah, the Mini Zipper Pouch. Who knew perfection came in such a little package?! This little guy may be small (5.5"H x 8"L x 1.5"D) but there's about a billion things you an do with it! My personal favorite is as a "Tampons & Tylenol" bag in my purse...aka a catch-all for all those little things that otherwise end up in the very bottom of your bag, never to be seen again.

Here's a few other uses you might not have thought of:
  • medications
  • make-up bag
  • receipts
  • cords/chargers/headphones
  • hair accessories
  • sewing kit
  • first aid supplies
  • teacher gifts filled with office supplies
  • jewelry bag
  • snacks
  • gum/candy
  • baby accessories
Whatever you're thinking you'd use it for, now is the time to grab it, with it being on sale this month when you spend $35.  Get yours here.

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