Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I've Got a Quote for That

I'm a quote fanatic. I think a good quote can change your perspective, inspire, improve your mood, make you feel more connected, etc. Those of you that have been on a Facebook live with me or a Zoom with me may have seen me reference my desktop quote box more than once. I've had a couple questions about it, so I wanted to share:
This is the one that I have, that you've seen me share from time to time. It has a total of 230 quotes and comes with a little window front box to display them in. Every day, I randomly pull one from the box and slide it to the front to display it. Honestly, it's amazing that almost every day, something will be said or something will happen that will make that quote, that I chose at random, become completely relevant to the day.

Today's quote: "Find your passion and pursue ti with whole heart and single mind." - Gail Sheehy

This is available at Target.

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