Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why does customer service suck so bad these days?

I honestly could not be more irritated at the disgustingly low level of customer service that I’ve experienced this week in trying to get my dryer fixed. I honestly am just enraged at these people that call themselves professionals.

My dryer stopped working on Saturday. I called up a service that I’d used in the past, A Same Day Appliance Repair and despite the fact that “same day” is built right into their name, they didn’t give me an appointment until Monday. Fine, it’s the weekend, whatever. I can surely live without my dryer for two days. So I got off the phone with them Saturday and was told they would be there between 9-11am on Monday. Monday morning they call at 8:30am to confirm, and I tell them, yes, we’re good for the time window we established come on by. All day passes, and NOTHING. No call, no service technician coming by to happily repair my dryer. Nothing. I call them and get voicemail and leave a message asking for an explanation as to why in the world they would simply blow off a repeat customer like that. And I get NO response whatsoever. Nothing. Now, since I had called after hours, I waited til Tuesday morning, thinking that perhaps they would get back to me. Nope. Again, nothing.

So now I’m pissed and I figure, screw them, I’m calling a different repair service. So I call A-Able Air and Appliance Repair, whose website claims they offer “same day service, 7 days/7 nights”. Fabulous. I figure it’s Tuesday morning, I should have a working dryer by the evening so I can start slogging through the mountain of laundry, right? Nope, not happening. No appointments available until Wednesday. Really? I mean, come on, you’ve got to be freakin kidding me. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE PUT THESE EMPTY PROMISES ON YOUR WEBSITES? It can’t possibly be your sole intention just to piss me off, can it?

Then, to top it off, these same irresponsible geniuses who can’t seem to make a same day appointment, despite the claims on their website, have now called and CANCELLED the appointment that they made for today. Claiming they were ever so sorry, but their tech just couldn’t make it out here today and would tomorrow be better. Honest to God these people were so lucky that my husband answered the phone instead of me, because he is far nicer than I am when dealing with morons.

So my question to the masses is this: is it still possible to find companies that understand how to correctly serve a customer? Do I just have bad luck? Really, do these people not understand how vitally important word-of-mouth advertising and referrals can be to their businesses? How crucial it is to please a customer rather than piss them off at first contact? How much cheaper it is to get and keep a customer than to constantly be trying to find new customers? I am honestly just shocked at the lack of professionalism that’s been exhibited by these companies. And as soon as I finish venting here, I’ll be back on the phone trying to find yet another company that might be able to actually serve me correctly.


  1. Good luck on finding a repair man for your dryer. Hanging clothes around the house on clothes hangers is no fun but it does work in a pinch. I'm sure you'll find the right repair person just for you. Think positive!

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  2. You're not alone when "same-day-service" companies are only on the paper, not in action. They do it to trap you, then, if you're not careful, they get the money from you at least once.
    Making that fact known to everyone in your area is the way to go. Other than that, don't waste your time and calm on such companies. Your life and your health are more important.
    Just acknowledge what they don't do, and move on.
    With love,

  3. three words better business bureau! let them know about their claim for same day service! Mine just broke too...mine is 100 though so I had to buy a new one. I washing clothes and taking them to the coin laundry!

  4. I work in Customer Service for a big retail company and I personally give every customer the attention and care they deserve (even if they don't deserve it for a reason). I go out of my way all the time, everyday for the customers. They come first, but, it seems in these times, probably within the last 4-5 years to about now, that is almost unheard of. Im prolly the only employee in my store that has common sense and compassion to basically put the customer before anything. I also take pride in my job. When i say that, i mean, if i need to make it right for the customer, but yet a moron manager can't make it right, i will usually do the right thing when they walk away...even if it is worth losing my job. not many people can say that.

    When it comes to decisions in my store im the only one that can give a straight forward answer to a customer, and stick with it. Even the managers can't garantee anything or stick with an original answer/plan...and im just an employee.
    Everything i do may be unpopular to the rest of my fellow employees. but its the right thing to do.

    Years ago, almost everyone in customer service had those values, but apparently times are changing. But i will not change.

  5. It's good to know that some people still have integrity when dealing with their customers. I would NEVER treat my customers the way I have been treated by some of these supposed professionals!