Thursday, July 29, 2010

I received the Versatile Blogger Award

Carol & Stacy at Intentional Conscious Parenting gave me the Virtual Blogger Award! Thank you ladies, I am honored!

In order to receive the award fully, I must

  1. Thank the person who gave me the award. Thank you again, Carol & Stacy, glad I found your blog!
  2. Share seven things about myself.
  3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs, and let the nominees know about the award.

Seven things about me you may or may not know!

  1. I have a huge soft spot for anything furry. I would save every single dog and cat if I could (and if hubby would let me!)
  2. I originally thought I wanted five kids, until I had one, and then decided that five would be insane for me.
  3. I used to model when I was younger, and LOVED it at the time, though looking back I realize it was a pretty screwed up world in a lot of ways.
  4. I chew pen caps pretty much the WHOLE time I’m on the computer. But that’s about the only time I do it. I buy pens by the box full just to throw out and keep the caps.
  5. I am terrified of spiders, to the point that I make my 7 year old daughter kill them for me if she’s the only other one around.
  6. I LOVE the smell of the dog’s feet. To me, it smells like love.
  7. I am a total reality TV junkie, and refused to be ashamed!

Now it's time for the most important part of the award. I am excited to nominate some of the newest blogs that I read below, and I look forward to many thought-provoking, fun, sincere posts from them in the future.


Thank you to all of you for creating blogs that I enjoy so much!


  1. Thank you! You are too sweet. I'm glad I found your blog!

  2. Thank you for thinking of me!

    And, I loved your seven things. I've got a soft spot for animals too. All 4 of ours (2 dogs/2 cats) were rescued.

    Thanks again! :)

  3. Ok I guess this makes up for the fact you like
    Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks for the nomination Beth!

    I also thought I wanted to have five kids, but I'm SO done at two!

    And both my husband and I LOVE smelling our dog's feet. Sick, I know!

    I'm right there with ya with the reality TV and no shame here!

  5. OMG, someone else that smells dog feet! I love it. My husband thinks it's completely disgusting. lol

  6. Thank you so much for the award!! :-)

  7. Beth, thanks for thinking of me! I'm honored :)

  8. Beth, thank you so very very much for your kind words and for giving me the award. You're so sweet.

  9. Hi Beth - Thank you so much for the award! I'm so glad I found your blog. Have a great weekend! :)

  10. Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it! I gave you an award too :) Come see at

  11. My Heart♥felt thanks! It is such great honor to be along all those dedicated ladies! I look forward to reading great thoughts from all the fantastic ladies out there from all over the world... ♥ it! :-)