Monday, December 22, 2008

merry merry merry

We went to watch the lightshow at Wiregrass mall tonight. Since using the video feature on my camera is beyond me, especially when holding a small blonde who no longer wanted to walk on her own, I decided I'd hunt a down a video on youtube to share the experience with those of you in blog-world. It was cute, well done, and it's nice to have something like that right here in our little neck of the woods. It makes it feel a little more festive here, ya know, given that it's been in the 70s and 80s and when you grew up in the north that doesn't make it feel too Christmasy sometimes. So fun light shows are a good thing.

In other news, I bought my work fishies one of those 10 day feeder things so I'm officially not going into the office until 2009. Woo. The downside of that is that I had to haul both my laptops (Dell and Mac) home today so I could work from home for the next couple weeks. Not light. But we'll just go ahead and count that as my strength training for the day. ;)

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