Monday, November 3, 2008

fall leaves

no, we don't have them here in FL. Palm fronds don't quite count.

Those of you that have been to one of my celebrations know how much I adore this story. So in honor of the time change, and it being fallish in most of the country, I'm sharing.

"On my birthday in October, we had always raked huge piles of autumn leaves with the kids and then jumped in them, stuffed them in our shirts, threw them in the air, and just generally had a wild time. We thought as the kids got older, their interest in such a frivolous activity would fade. On the contrary, when they were teens, the leaf piles just got bigger.Finally, one year, four of our children were away at school or living abroad. On my birthday, four birthday cards arrived. As I opened the first, a leaf fell out and a note, 'Dad, I honored your birthday tradition. Here’s a leaf from my jumping pile. I love you.' Through my tears I opened the other three — and a leaf fell from each." ~ Richard Eyre

Wow, right? That STILL gives me chills every time I read it.

So your mission for the day is to go create your own leaf story with your family.

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