Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Motivation

I am ALL ABOUT motivational quotes. I buy them constantly. I hang them on my walls, put them out on my Facebook. I hoard them. I adore them. I found this great little cube thing at Target that had little quotes that kind of look like coasters, and you can change them out whenever to show a new quote in the window of the box. So I'll be posting those on a regular basis, when they strike me.

I particularly love this one today because things are very hectic...getting ready for travel this week, tons to get done, etc. and I am really attempting to approach the entire thing as something other than an obligation. I am BLESSED to be going on this trip. I am BLESSED to have a family I need to take care of in order to get everything set to go. I am BLESSED that I can financially afford to make all this happen. Looking at it that way is way more inspiring than looking at it as I have too much to do and I'm freakin stressed. Life isn't perfect. Life isn't even always great, but it's LIFE, it's mine, and I CHOOSE to see it how I want to see it.

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