Saturday, September 11, 2010

Organization ala Laundry Room

Many of you followed my drama surrounding my dryer fiasco and the subsequent purchase of a new one. I’m happy to report that my new washer and dryer have settled in nicely and stepped up to the plate as far as their daily cleaning duties go.

Not long after getting the new ones, I became inspired to give the whole laundry room a little bit of a makeover. Nothing crazy – I’m not painting in there (yet) but I figured I could at least clean it up and organize a bit. Enter Thirty-One (of course). I decided that our Square Utility Totes would be perfection for organizing stuff on the shelving above the washer and dryer. And boy was I right. LOVE how it came out.




There are a couple more, one for “Kid’s Stuff” and one for “Storage” but you get the idea. I adore things that are adorable and functional!


  1. how nice! My laundry room needs a make over too - thanks for the tips.

    following from forever ago!

    Mommy Has to Work

  2. Thanks Anne! I love rooms, or parts of rooms, that I can do once and know they will pretty much stay nice. Unlike the rest of the house where I have to stay on top of things in order for it not to get all messy again. lol.

  3. The laundry room looks great! Would you come and do mine? LOL

    You have an awesome site. I have given you a bloggers award. Stop by and pick it up when you can.

    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks Vickie! I probably can't make it all the way up there to work on your laundry room, but I can sure recommend where to pick up the cute products. lol.

    Thanks for the blogger award! That's so sweet. :)

  5. Love the plaid baskets. My whole house needs a makeover.LOL

    Following you from MBC. Would love a follow back.

    Ruthie Joyce