Sunday, November 22, 2009

project 365 - day 330

So we ordered this shower door for our master bath like summer of 2008. Partly because ours was boring, and partly because ours was just wearing out. We had to special order it, because apparently, like most everything else in our house, ours was not a "standard" size. Apparently the builders here didn't figure we were off the rack type of people. They were wrong, but what can ya do? So we special ordered it, it came in, and then Perry told me he had no idea how to install a shower door. Why would I think he would, I guess is the question. He's not exactly Mr. Fixit. So the door sat in the garage. For over a year. And then finally we had a "guy" (you know, the guy, the one who CAN fix things) in to do some other work, and I said, "hey, can you install a shower door?" And sure enough, he could. One less thing in our garage, and one happy mommy.

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