Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Social Media and Your Direct Sales Business

Obviously we are all on social media and we have all seen others using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ to promote their direct sales business but how do you do the same? How do you know what to post and when to post let alone how to come up with enough content for at least one post per day to each platform?
First of all, I know time can be a huge factor for everyone.  How do you find the time to be on all these platforms, follow up with your customers, recruit new team members, be a wife, mother, car pool driver, and like many of you work a full time job on top of this business?  SCHEDULE IT! There are some great tools out there such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Cinch Share that all allow you to schedule your posts to platforms in advance and upload your updates in bulk.  (I promise I will go into each of these platforms later as they all have their strengths and things I love)
When it comes to what to post that too can be a challenge.  I suggest starting with a content calendar that has things such as "Tip Tuesday" or "Wisdom Wednesday" or "Flashback Friday" scheduled to make coming up with certain posts much easier as you will have an outline to go by.  There are so many things you can share to really get your clients and team members talking and sharing your content.  Keep in mind that Engagement is Key! I recently read a great blog post by Imie on the I Shop At Home Blog and she had some great advice about Direct Selling on Social Media.  
1. Post interesting ways you used the products you sell: If you sell thirty-one gifts share pics of your bags and accessories being used in your own home and daily life.  Actual photos of your life, pets, kids and home will make you more real and authentic, drawing people to know you, like you, trust you and BUY FROM YOU.
2. Like and Comment on other people's posts: the best way to increase your following on Instagram is to search for hashtags related to your industry or brand and comment on other peoples posts.  This will show them you care and more than likely will result in a follow back or comment on your account showing their entire list of followers they are interested in you and they will be interested too.  I promise it works.
3. Stay Consistent: Your followers and team want to know they can rely on you and you are in the know and up to date.  Nothing bothers me more than following someone who hasn't posted in a few weeks or has only old content on their blog.  Consistency is key when it comes to social and your followers will get used to being able to rely on you for up to the minute new product updates, current specials and great offers.
4. Have a complete profile: I can not tell you how many times I got to a profile only to find it is not complete.  Your profile allows for your prospective followers and new clients to find out more about you, how to contact you, your website and again makes you more real.  If they see you are a tupperware consultant and a mom and a dog lover they are more than likely to relate to you and follow you because you have more in common than just someone who sells great containers for their leftovers.  Hint: Have some fun with your profiles that allow emoji's - it helps to stand out in the social media jungle.

What are some of your top social tips for direct sales? Comment below...

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