Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Get In The Game With Direct Sales

Are you struggling with creative marketing ideas after the rush of the Holiday Season and feeling a little burnt out? With SB 50 right around the corner and the entire country thinking about The Big Game why not bring your business to the bleachers and take advantage of the excitement with some really Fun Football Themed Ideas?  Here are a few of my favorites that are sure to score a touchdown with your audience...

1. Commercials Anyone?
The commercials are the main reason a lot of us watch the game, but you don’t have to be a billion dollar beer company to cash in on the excitement.  Why not hold a contest for your customers to submit their own commercial advertising your business or service and hold a contest?  Encourage your customers to upload their commercial this week using a special #HASHTAG and host a Facebook Contest on your page for the winner.  Encourage them to score more points by sharing their video and allowing them to enter more than once.  You can earn more points by featuring more current products/sharing on more platforms etc… have some fun.  The more fun + more shares = more exposure for YOU
2. Savings for Points
Use the score of the game to keep customers on their toes.  If the winning team wins by 12 points give all customers that following Monday a 12% discount or $12 off.  You could also encourages hostesses to book parties with you and save an automatic amount of money on their order at their own show in addition to their hostess credit based on the final score of the game. 

3. Host a Girls Night/Guys Night the night of “The Big Game”
Host a watch party with the guys in one room watching the big game and the ladies in the other room partying with you.  You could do random checks on the score and guests could score big savings at the end of every quarter with the hostess winning a discount at the end of the game. 
Earn raffle tickets for dressing in your favorite team colors, bringing snacks etc.
Save big on the page of your catalog that corresponds with the current score at a special time of your choice.

4. Squares
For the week leading up to the The Big Game allow customers to earn a square in a football game of squares for every certain amount ($31 in my case). 
            Create your grid 10x10 (100 squares) 5x5 (25 squares) etc…
For  every $31 dollars spent leading up to the big game customers get a square
Assign one team the columns and one the rows
Once all squares are complete put random numbers 0-9 across the top row and far left column
The grid is now complete
The night of the game the winner is determined by the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Final Game.  The winner is decided by looking at the last number of each teams score and them matching the numbers on the grid to see who wins that box.  The winner could win free product, double hostess credit etc.

Special Note: I recently read on a blog that you can not use the word “Super Bowl in your promotions.  The NFL takes the use of its trademark of “Super Bowl” very seriously.  You may not use the word in advertising, promotional materials or contests of any kind. 

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