Friday, April 9, 2010


Oh blog, sweet blog, how I have neglected you!

Honestly, you would think I would have more time on my hands than I used to, but it just isn't happening! I feel like I'm always catching up on something, or heading off to an appointment, or just plain busy.

This week I've had two of my women's networking groups to attend, plus sending out invitations for my Heart Link Networking later this month. And I'm in the midst of some freelance work, so trying to stay on top of that. What I'm saying is, things have been busy, ya know? I could say that I promise to do better, but honestly I am not sure I have a system in place that will enable me to keep that promise. So I guess all I can do is promise to try.

Spring break next week, which is nice. Not only for the kids, but for everyone else who doesn't have to deal with the morning traffic craziness of the buses and such. My kids are going to sports camp for the week, because their best friends will be out of town anyway, so if they were home all day they would just be losing their minds. And contributing to the loss of my mind, as well, natch. They'll still be home early enough to play with our other neighborhood friends, so it's all good. Lately it's been all about riding bikes and scooters. Now that it's nice.

I'm working on planning big girl's birthday party - CANNOT believe she is turning 7. Crazy. That's my baby girl!! I don't have the slightest idea what to get her for her birthday. She is one of those that kind of wants everything, but nothing in particular. I gave her grandparents the best gift idea - Nintendo DSi XL, so she is getting that. But she already has a DS, so it's not like she needs a bunch of games for it or anything (truth be told, she only wanted to upgrade to the DSi because her brother got one for his birthday last year to replace his DS. And now she is getting the DSi XL so I would bet money big brother will want the XL for his birthday this year. It's a viscious cycle. But now we have two extra DS's. Ya know, should I suddenly find a bunch of spare time with which to play one.) I guess I wil just have to see what I can come up with, wandering the toy aisles of Target. Crap, speaking of which, we have a birthday party this weekend to go to, so I need to get a gift for that.

Alright, clearly I have more on my to do list than I realized for the day, so I must have used up my "blog time" by now.

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  1. I know what you mean, I wanted to write a new post every day but just dont seem to have the time, or I dont know what to say. Which seems hard to believe for