Monday, August 31, 2009

Crack of Dawn

I am making a concerted effort to become, once again, a morning exerciser. I used to be, way back in my PK (pre-kid) days. Back then, I would get up and hit the gym at 4am, when it wasn't crowded, and then come home and get ready for work. I actually got quite used to it. The past several years, however, the ability to rise so early has definitely eluded me. I find myself quite addicted to the snooze alarm, truth be told. But this morning, I managed to haul my oh-so-exhausted body out of bed and bypass snooze altogether. This is, as you can imagine, quite a victory. I'm hoping this trend will continue. I guess I'm once again trying to turn over a new leaf, huh? Thankfully, we have such a variety of gym equipment (not to mention workout videos) in our own home that I don't have to hop in the car and go anywhere. Hopefully that'll help. Ideally, I'll be in such a sleep-deprived coma that I won't even notice I'm working out until I'm already fully entrenched in it and past the point of no return. One can only hope. This morning's workout featured a new workout video, so that was at least entertaining. So now I can come home at 8pm after the kid's practices without the mental stress of having to figure out when to squeeze a workout in. AND, when we do our four mile walk around the fields during practices, that will get to be just a bonus calorie burn, rather than my sole source for staying (getting?) in shape. Life is good!

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