Sunday, August 31, 2008

Live Laugh Love

We had LLL Club today. This month’s theme was generosity. Some of the reading material struck me as interesting. It said that just giving something away because it no longer fits or no longer suits your purpose isn’t truly generous. True generosity would be giving away something you love because you knew another person needed it more or could benefit from it more. Huh. That really hit home with several of us in the group, because I think that’s what we all kind of tend to do – get rid of things that we no longer use and then feel good about giving them to Goodwill. Which of course is still a good thing, too, but really isn’t much of a sacrifice on our part, is it? In fact, it’s helping US out, because we’re getting rid of clutter in our homes that way. So I guess what I would challenge each of you to do, and what I’ll be trying to do with my own family, is think about ways that we can be more intentionally generous with our things (and with our time) rather than just being “generous” when it’s convenient for us. I truly am not sure how I’m going to do that yet, but I suppose like with anything that is worth doing, it’s not something that will come easy.

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