Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Consultant Happy Mail

Make your new direct sales consultants feel welcomed on your team using happy mail - the plan I use for my Thirty-One team.
I know I talk a lot about happy mail - that's because I LOVE it. I believe that most people get nothing more exciting in the mail than the water bill most days, so I want my customers, hostesses and consultants to be excited to open their mail and see one of my pink envelopes!

This video is about my super easy new consultant happy mail system. It's super easy to implement, and really you could use ANYTHING, as long as you're giving it meaning and it is something that makes sense from a business standpoint. I try to make my consultant happy mail something fun but also something they can actually use to better their business. Take a look:

As always, leave me any questions in the comments.

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