Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mail Time!! Let's get real we all dread going to the mailbox because it is always without a doubt full of bills from people looking for money for us or pounds of junk mail that we never look through unless a pizza coupon catches our eye and we can't fathom making dinner tonight and ordering a pizza sounds like a fabulous idea, right? How did I know...because I'm the same way!  If you and I are like that than the chances of our hostesses and customers being like that are pretty high!!
What if we could make one of the most dreaded tasks - getting the mail to only see bills a little more enjoyable for our hostesses and customers? Well you can..... ENTER HAPPY MAIL!!! Ta Da!

I love love love Happy Mail! Happy Mail is a piece of mail that adds a smile to someones face just because they are doing business with you.  It is putting in a little effort just to say thank you and show your appreciation.  (it also works as great marketing material to make sure they are thinking about you too and the next FABULOUS product they need to order from you) - It's a win win here people.

One thing I always do when someone books a party is send out some happy mail to show my sincere appreciation and thanks and add some smiles to their day.

I get some bubble envelopes - usually in a bright pink color or something else fun because let's face it who ever heard of boring happy mail - ummm no one ever!!!

The first thing I send them is a post card that I had made that says...
Thank You for Booking. Have fun making your wish list for your FREE shopping spree!!!
I include a thirty one pen with all of my contact information for them to use to make their list.

 The second postcard I send says 6 Steps to a Successful Home Party. So glad you decided to "book" a Thirty-One Party!  Mark Your calendar and get ready for good times!
With this postcard I include a thirty one bookmark to go along with the theme of the message on the card.

The third postcard I send says: It's Almost Party Time. Hostesses like you are the "key" to my business! I'm looking forward to sharing Thirty-One with you and your friends.  See you soon!
With this postcard I include a thirty one Key Fob to go with the theme of the postcard

(are you getting the idea here?)

The  final postcard and goodie I send says Turn Your Hostess gig into a career! Has paying the bills gotten "rough" Smooth things over with Thirty One! With this postcard I include a pretty nail file (My personal favorite)

All of these items can be purchased for relatively cheap and are guaranteed to let your hostess know that you care and see how much you have invested in her already.

One place I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE for Happy Mail ideas is ...PINTEREST!! There are tons of pins with great ideas for happy mail for any occasion or simply just because :) My favorite reason!

Be sure to check out my board above and be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more  Thirty-One Fun!

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