Thursday, October 22, 2015

To Do List Overwhelming? Try this!

So I'm juggling a lot in my life right business, my household, and also settling up my mom's estate. Maybe some of you can relate to the whole "running around like a crazy person" thing I have going on. I seem to be plugging away at stuff constantly, but nothing feels like it's getting accomplished. I haven't been doing a good job sticking to my regular schedule, so today I decided it was time for a change-up.

This morning, while the kids were getting ready for school, I did a massive brain dump - ON PAPER (and I'm not a paper girl) of my Must Do list. Work stuff, personal stuff, estate stuff, all on the same list in whatever mixed up order it flew into my head. I decided to make today what I refer to as a "30 Minute Day". Meaning that for thirty minutes straight I will focus on one thing...either work, personal or free time. So from 9-9:30 was free time, 9:30-10 was work, 10-10:30 was personal (stuff around the house, or things that I needed to get done for the estate. Then repeat. All through the day til the kids get home. So far we're a couple hours into it and it's going really well. I have a little timer set for thirty minutes and when it goes off, I move on.

Give it a try next time life is dragging you in a million different directions. :)

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